Team Details

LA Cancer Challenge Teams are at the heart of LACC. Families celebrating survivors and honoring the memory of a loved one is what makes this event so special. Help raise awareness and fund research by creating a Virtual LACC Team including family, friends, students, employees and colleagues living anywhere across the country!

  • A virtual team is made up of 5 or more members
  • Great for families and friends, schools, businesses, organizations and community groups
  • Teams can be formed to celebrate a survivor, honor a loved one, encourage health and fitness and more
  • Every team has a team page where you can share your story and fundraise as a group.
Virtual Corporate Teams
Corporate Teams

Build Community. Energize & Inspire. Make a Difference.

Boost team spirit amongst employees, encourage workplace giving and inspire your community by starting a company team! Corporate Teams are a great way for your business to get their name out there, reach our audience of supporters and show off your philanthropic side. Create a team today and get a Team Page where you can add your logo, company description and fundraising goal. We’ll provide the tools to make it easy for everyone to become champions for a cure!

To help get your team started and ensure it’s a success, we can provide:

  • Team Posters to place in your office, break room, or lobby
  • Bonus: Sponsorship opportunities for brand exposure and cause marketing
Virtual Student Teams
Student Teams

Students or schools can honor someone special, participate virtually, earn fundraising prizes and livestream their walk/run.

Team Spirit

Did you know that there are many fun and exciting ways to show off your team's spirit at this year's LA Cancer Challenge? Below are a couple fun ideas you can utilize to spruce up the look of your team or family.

Team Color
Pick a Color
Wear Costumes
Wear Costumes
Team Shirts
Team T-shirts
Team Banner
Team Banner
Recruitment Tools

Here are a couple tools to make team recruitment easier than ever! Select one of our team posters - you have the option of customizing it with photos and a story or keep it simple with your team name and a link to sign up. Put it up at work, hand it out in your local community or share it with friends, family and co-workers. You can also send one of our sample emails (accessible when you log in to your Participant Center). These tools are sure to help you grow your team!

Honoring a Loved One
Tribute Bib
Wear a Tribute Bib

Download Tribute Bib

Wear Costumes
Kids Can Cure Banner

We provide the pumpkins, markers, and purple ribbons, so all the kids have to do is use their imagination to create a special momento representing their love for the LA Cancer Challenge!

Memory Banner
Memory Banner

Create a square for Memory Banner. Squares will be sewn together into a banner that is displayed in the Expo. New squares are added each year.

Specifications for our Quilted Memory Banner
  1. Decorate any 13 inch x 13 inch piece of fabric (cotton, cotton blend or woven cotton only please)
  2. Leave a 1 inch border around all sides that is free of all decoration (decorated area is 12 inch x 12 inch)
  3. You can iron-on a photo, draw a picture, decorate with stencils, buttons, fabric paints, etc.
  4. Mail square to us: 2990 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 300C, Los Angeles, CA 90064 by October 10, 2020.

*Aren't crafty? Give us your Team T-Shirt and we will add it to our quilt!

Team Tribute Video

Celebrating survivors and honoring loved ones is the most beloved part of the LA Cancer Challenge. Our annual Team Captain Tribute Video shines a light on all of our wonderful teams and the loved ones we walk or run for.