Virtual Walk/Run Questions

What is a virtual walk/run?

A virtual walk/run can be completed any time, place and at any pace you choose. Take a stroll or jog in your neighborhood, time a 5K on your treadmill, use technology to count your steps walking at home or (if local and state guidelines allow) select a park, walking path or location where you can walk or run while practicing social distancing. The choice is yours!

What are the benefits of a virtual walk?

The Virtual LACC can be wherever and whenever you want with the benefit of still supporting a cause you care about and participating in a nationwide call-to-action. The LACC is October 25th so we encourage a fun costume or simply wearing purple.

How far or how long should I walk?

The annual LA Cancer Challenge is a 5K walk/run but if you want or need to run a shorter distance we won’t tell! You can also choose to go further but ultimately the goal is 3.1 miles.

When is the LA Cancer Challenge and who does it benefit?

The 23rd Annual LA Cancer Challenge is a walk/run event taking place on Sunday, October 25, 2020. The event benefits the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. This year's LACC will be a nationwide virtual event.

Can I livestream or record my virtual LACC walk/run?

Absolutely! Livestreaming your walk/run is not required but it’s certainly fun. Livestreaming allows your community to join you remotely and cheer you on with encouraging messages. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to remind them you’re walking for pancreatic cancer research and ask them to donate in real time. Livestreaming options include the following social media platforms: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live or the Periscope streaming app to livestream on Twitter.

Choose to livestream your entire walk/run or simply stream for a few minutes when you start, as you finish or anytime in between.

*An alternative to livestreaming is to record your walk/run on a smartphone and share the video footage.

What should I talk about while livestreaming?

Registration Questions

No, the sale, transfer, or duplication of a race entry/bib is strictly prohibited. All entry fees are non-refundable and are considered a donation to the Hirshberg Foundation.

Team Questions

A team is a group of co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, or fellow students who can raise money together to compete for team prizes and run/walk together on the day of the LA Cancer Challenge. A team can range anywhere from 5 to more than 200 members.

2019 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $92,364
2019 Most Participants Team Raging Health 101 Members
2018 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $87,188
2018 Most Participants Team Raging Health 82 Members
2017 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $51,648
2017 Most Participants Team Raging Health 102 Members
2016 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $49,990
2016 Most Participants Team Raging Health 210 Members
2015 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $57,757
2015 Most Participants Marvin's Marvels 143 members
2014 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $66,171
2014 Most Participants Marvin's Marvels 166 members
2013 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $40,812
2013 Most Participants Benny's Team 126 members
2012 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $39,101
2012 Most Participants Benny's Team 137 members
2011 Highest Fundraiser Team Schneider/Gursey $94,706
2011 Most Participants Marvin's Marvels 124 members
2010 Highest Fundraiser Marvin's Marvels $30,756
2010 Most Participants Benny's Team 110 members
2009 Highest Fundraiser Team Personal Power & Marvin's Marvels both raised $15,600
2009 Most Participants Sunshine Daydreams 73 members
2008 Highest Fundraiser Team Personal Power $31,605
2008 Most Participants Team Dr. T 114 members
2007 Highest Fundraiser Don's Team $36,118
2007 Most Participants Team Mark Galton 128 members
2006 Highest Fundraiser Ellen's Angels $40,290
2006 Most Participants Team Mark Galton 158 members
2005 Highest Fundraiser Walk for Hock $14,232
2005 Most Participants Team Mark Galton 149 members

Yes, participants that have already registered can join your team. Simply email with the participant's name and email address (if available) and we will transfer them to your team.

By creating a team in honor or memory of someone, you have taken the first - and biggest step towards doing something special for your loved one! In the meantime, check out our ideas for creating team spirit.

Fundraising Questions

You enter your Headquarters from the upper right hand corner of our home page. In your Headquarters, you can build or edit your webpage(s), send emails to friends and family, enter offline donations, edit your profile and view fundraising, email and team statistics and so much more. You need your username and password to enter your HQ.

All participants, whether running as an individual or as a part of a team, are eligible to receive the fundraising incentives. Even if you are a part of a team, you will still have your own personal web page to collect donations. Both you and your team will receive credit for all donations you collect.

Everyone is encouraged to raise pledge money. This is how we raise funds for the pancreatic cancer research. There are fundraising prizes at various levels. All of the pledge money goes to support the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. For more information, please visit

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Some will even provide a monetary grant for volunteer hours. Use our Matching Gift tool to see if you company will match. Be sure to tell your donors to check as well. Your fundraising can go twice as far with matching gifts!