What is 3rd Party Fundraising?

A 3rd Party Event is a volunteer-driven fundraiser planned by an individual, family or community for the purpose of raising funds for, or on behalf of, a chosen charity. The event may take on a variety of forms (e.g. a golf tournament, school sports game, luncheon or trunk show, bake sale ...the list is endless). The event host or group works independently on the planning, budget, and execution of the event under the guidelines of the benefiting charity.

How do I get started?

If you’re excited to start planning an event benefiting the Hirshberg Foundation, you must review all guidelines below and register your event by completing the application. If you have any questions or would like more information about organizing a fundraising activity to benefit the Hirshberg Foundation, please contact Sarah Banks, Development Coordinator at (310) 473-5121 or email sbanks@pancreatic.org.

Approval Process and Deadlines:

  • Applications must be submitted 4-12 weeks in advance of the proposed event date.
  • Public events must submit a budget - even if it is preliminary. A completed budget must be received within 30 days after the application has been submitted. This does not apply to private events.
  • No public announcements or promotions should be made until you have been in communication with the foundation.
  • If the host requests promotional e-blast, facebook posting, or press release, then the application must be submitted a minimum of 90 days in advance of the event date.
  • Proceeds from the event must be received by The Hirshberg Foundation within 30 days of the fundraising event.

What we can do to help your event:

  • Provide a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity and credibility of the event
  • Provide advice, feedback and expertise on fundraising and planning
  • Provide and approve use of logos for t-shirts, banners, and promotional items
  • Promote the event on our website, www.pancreatic.org, on Hirshberg Foundation Facebook pages, and other appropriate local media
  • Provide a tax receipt to donors who make checks payable directly to the “Hirshberg Foundation”
  • Provide printed & educational materials to display or give out at your event
  • Provide awareness items including purple ribbons for participants

What you’re responsible for:

  • Obtaining any necessary permits, licenses or insurance
  • Any remaining expenses that are greater than the money raised by the event
  • Soliciting sponsorship revenue for the event IF you choose to have sponsors
  • The public must be informed how the Foundation will benefit from the event.
  • Listing the Hirshberg Foundation as the beneficiary - not the sponsor - of all events
  • Any event publicity should list the name of the event followed by “…benefiting the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.”
  • If the Foundation will not be receiving all of the proceeds, an exact percentage must be stated on all related publicity.
  • If another organization will benefit from the event, we must be notified when applying to host an event.

What we cannot do to help your event:

  • Underwriting or providing funds or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Provide donor mailing lists
  • Provide insurance coverage
  • Extend our tax exemption to you
  • Guarantee on-site staff or volunteer support at your event (exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis). Due to expenses for travel, we are unable to send a member of the Foundation to every event

Liability and conflict of interest:

  • If circumstances warrant (i.e. fraud, negative exposure, etc), the Foundation, may at any time direct you to cancel the event. You must agree to cancel the event, if so directed, and further agree to release the Foundation and its officers and employees from any and all liability and connection to any such action.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to refuse support of volunteer organized fundraising events that conflict with its mission or that it believes will negatively affect the reputation of the Foundation.
  • The Foundation cannot sell your event tickets or solicit event sponsorship on your behalf. Events cannot raise funds by canvassing door-to-door.
  • The Foundation cannot provide access to our donor, staff lists, VIPs or celebrities who support the foundation.
  • The Foundation cannot provide media or marketing support beyond what is outlined in our guidelines and application.
  • The Foundation cannot supply receipt books for volunteer organized fundraising events.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to benefit from similar community volunteer fundraising events.
  • The Foundation will not assume financial or managerial responsibility of an event nor provide insurance coverage for your event.

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