Asics LA Marathon. March 19, 2017

Train and Run for Pancreatic Cancer on March 19, 2017


Fundraising With Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to help spread the word about your amazing commitment to run a marathon and raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. Announcing your goals helps make them a reality, and you never know who will donate. Here are some sample Facebook posts to help you fundraise! (Be sure to include your personal webpage URL and a photo)

Announcement Posts:

Help me! I’ve just signed up to run my first marathon ever AND raise $1,000 for pancreatic cancer research. #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure (Include your personal webpage URL)
It’s real! I just signed up to run the LA Marathon on March 19th 2017. Please support me with a donation today #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure (Include your personal webpage URL)
On Sunday, March 19th I’ll be running the streets of Los Angeles. I am running for all those touched by pancreatic cancer, this one’s for you! #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure (Include your personal webpage URL)
Your Fundraising Goal & Training Efforts:
Only a few more runs left until the big day!! Help me reach my goal to not only run my first marathon but raise $1,000 for pancreatic cancer research, donate today! #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure (Include your personal webpage URL)
___ mile run today. The countdown to the LA Marathon is on! Excited for my first marathon, but the training runs are tough. I was warned, and now I get it! #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam (Post a photo post-training run, the sweat shows how hard you’re training!)
Mission accomplished!!! Thank you everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal! I’ll see you at the finish line on March 19th, 2017! #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam (Include your personal webpage URL)
Week Before The Event:
Looking forward to this weekend’s LA Marathon! I will be running all over LA. Come cheer me on at the Hirshberg Foundation’s Purple People Party cheer station #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners (Post a photo of your running gear)
Can’t wait to run LA! 26.2 miles may seem like a lot but if people can fight pancreatic cancer, I can deal with the blisters, pain & chaffing #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners (Include your personal webpage URL)
Picking up my race packet and checking out the start line at Dodger Stadium. 48 hrs to go! #HirshbergTrainingTeam #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners (post with photo at Expo)
Immediately After The Event:
Had an amazing run today, just a quick 26.2 miler, no big deal ;D Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I’ve raised $____ for pancreatic cancer research. If you didn’t have a chance to sponsor me, it’s not too late #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam (Include your personal webpage URL)
I did it!!! Not only have I finished my first ever marathon, I’ve raised $____ for pancreatic cancer research. Thank you to all who donated, cheered & supported me #run4cure #HirshbergTrainingTeam #PurpleRibbonRunners (Post a photo of you at the finish line with your medal)
LA Marathon? Check! Together we ran & raised $$ to help find a cure for pancreatic cancer. A special thanks to everyone who supported me! #run4cure #PurpleRibbonRunners #HirshbergTrainingTeam

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