We encourage everyone to fundraise! Thanks to our sponsor JR286 we are providing incentives to reward your fundraising efforts. Donations raised through the LA Cancer Challenge are allocated to pancreatic cancer research and patient & families support programs. Your fundraising efforts will help us fulfill our mission for the pancreatic cancer community and eradicate this disease. Fundraising incentive details are listed below.

Set up Pages

Select personal or team page tab. Upload a photo or insert the link to YouTube video that will be displayed on your page.

Friendly URLs
Friendly URL’s

Select "URL Settings" on personal or team page tab and you will be able to create a friendly URL.

Send Emails
Send E-Mails

Choose an e-mail template, personalize, add contacts and send away!

View Progress

View how much you have raised, update your fundraising goal and enter offline gifts that you have received.

Individual Fundraising Prizes

Prizes are awarded to each registered participant who raises the appropriate funds by October 23, 2022. Prize levels are cumulative, so the more you raise, the more you earn. Check out our Packet Pick Up for info on how to receive your prizes. Thank you to our sponsor JR286 for providing all our incentives.

Adult & Youth T-shirts
25th Anniversary Commemorative Bag
25th Anniversary Commemorative Hat
Never Give Up Bucket Hat
Hirshberg Foundation Baller Band
Nike Fitness Gloves
Nike Hairbands
UClA Cap
Nike Waterbottle
Vertra Sunscreen
Nike Towel
Nike Ball Pump
Vertra Cryo Spray
Incentive Levels
Incentive Registration Fee Bronze
$2500 & above
LACC Tee x x x x x
25th Anniversary
Commemorative Bag
x x x x x
25th Anniversary
Commemorative Hat
  x x x x
Never Give Up Bucket Hat   x x x x
Hirshberg Foundation Baller Band   x x x x
Nike Fitness Gloves     x x x
Nike Hairbands x x x
UCLA Cap   x x
Nike Waterbottle x x
Vertra Sunscreen x x
Nike Towel x
Nike Ball Pump x
Vertra Cryo Spray x
Matching Gifts

You can double or even triple your donation in just a few easy steps with matching gifts! Many corporations offer programs that will match employee donations. Plus, some companies offer a monetary grant in recognition of volunteerism. So whether you donate or volunteer, your gift can go double the distance. Use the matching gift search tool below to see if you’re eligible for a match. Be sure to tell your donor as well.

Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
Powered by Double the Donation


Don’t see your company? Check with your company's human resources or payroll department to see whether it offers a matching gift program.

Note: When filling out the matching gift information, please use The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and our tax ID number 95-4640311.