Fundraising Commitment

The primary purpose of the Hirshberg Foundation's Training Program is to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research and assist our participants in achieving their training and fundraising goals. Our mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for all our participants. All team members will receive our support, tips, suggestions and advice on how to successfully fundraise. The following guidelines have been developed to allow us to meet these high standards of training and cost-efficient fundraising.

We ask each participant to make the following commitment:

    1. Follow the Minimum Training Requirements. Choose to participate in our program, or train on your own.
    2. Raise the minimum fundraising amount ($1,000) by March 1, 2018 and meet the fundraising timeline due dates.
Upon Registration $100 Commitment Fee is due upon signing up to participate on our team. Registration fee needs to be paid before training begins.
January 10, 2018 $500 needs to be raised in order for us to process your LA Marathon Race Registration.
March 1, 2018 $1,000. All fundraising minimums should be met at this time.

If you have not met either the January 10th or February 1st fundraising commitments but would like to continue in the program, request a fundraising extension to delay an automatic credit card charge by contacting the Program Manager at

The Hirshberg Foundation must receive your fundraising commitment of $1,000 no later than March 1, 2018 in order to continue with the Training Program and receive entry into the LA Marathon.

Fundraising Incentives
$250 fundraised
$500 fundraised
$750 fundraised
$1,000 fundraised
$2,500 fundraised
Participant Center

We encourage you to log in to your Participant Center and take advantage of its many great features. It's so easy to use and will likely be your most effective fundraising tool.

Getting Started

Step One: Click on Log In. If you are not already logged in, fill in your username and password and click log in. If you are logged in, click on 2018 Hirshberg Training Team to access your participant center.

Step Two: Get Started!

Here are a few ways that you can utilize your Participant Center to raise more:

  • Set Up Your Personal and Team Page. To do this, click on the Personal Page or Team Page Tab and start to edit. You can upload one photo or insert the link to one YouTube video that will be displayed on your page.
  • Create a friendly personal page URL.
  • At the top of the Personal or Team Page tab, you will find your url. If you click on "URL Settings" you will be able to create a friendly URL.
  • Upload contacts and send e-mails. Click on the email tab. Here you are able to select an e-mail template to get you started, personalize your email, add contacts and send away!
  • View your progress and update your goal. By clicking on the progress tab, you can view how much you have raised, update your fundraising goal and enter offline gifts that you have received.
Company Matching Gifts
Matching Gifts

One of the smartest ways to give is through a matching gift program, where a company, or individual, will match donations to charitable organizations. These matches are often dollar for dollar, which doubles your charitable donation power!

    1. Check with your company’s human resources or payroll department to see whether it offers a matching gift program.
    2. Ask for donation guidelines and a list of eligible charities if your company does offer a matching gift program (also ask if charities can be added and what is needed for that process).
    3. Watch for matching opportunities through community or Internet fund-raising efforts if your company doesn’t offer a matching gift program.
    4. Decide how much you want to donate to your organization.
    5. Donate through the matching gift program, filling out the appropriate forms to ensure that the match is donated. Note: When filling out the matching gift information, please use The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and our tax ID number 95-4640311.