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Strive to Survive!
Strive to Survive!

Strive to Survive ~ 11/11

Welcome to Strive to Survive 11/11!!

We are striving towards a cure for pancreatic cancer. Please support us in our fundraising efforts.  

Why 11? We want to shine a light on the fact that the current survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 11%. We are headed in the right direction, but that 11% needs to be way higher.

This fundraiser was inspired by Lupe Romero De-La Cruz. A 3 time pancreatic survivor, 12 x marathon runner and so much more, she created "Strive to Survive."  As Lupe says, "Inhale life to the fullest, the good with the bad, do not allow fear or anxiety to paralyze you  Keep moving forward!" Lo Tenemos!

We are stronger together and we can improve the pancreatic cancer survival rate to 100%. All donations go directly to the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research!

The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, established in 1997, is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing pancreatic cancer research, and providing information, resources, and support to pancreatic cancer patients and their families. They have the best medical researchers and physicians working to fight this terrible disease, but need our HELP to put an end to this disease.

There will be 11 races and all of us can participate in some way.  Anybody can run them, walk them, run/walk, roll and donate to our cause.  Whatever your pace is, it doesn't matter, as long as we are moving together torwards that cure. That's what's important!

The races are as follows, or you can even run your own:

- OC Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K marathon May 1
- Mountains 2 Beach Marathon June 5th
- The San Francisco Marathon July 24
- Camarillo Marathon August 7th
- The Kauai Marathon & Half Marathon Sept 4th
- Long Beach Marathon Oct 9th
- REVEL Big Bear Marathon & Half Nov 12
- Honolulu MarathonDec 11th
- Disney World Marathon Jan 8th
- Surf City USA Marathon Feb 5th
- Los Angeles Marathon March 19th

We Got This!!


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