12th Annual Tour de Pier is Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tour de Pier 2024

Team Scott, Tour de Pier 2017
Team Scott, Tour de Pier 2017

Be Good Humans

"OK, you're dismissed. Now go be good humans in the world," Scott Rush. 

He said it to every class every day, and so in his spirt, we'll do his bidding and ride again.

My brother, Scott, rode for Team Kory since the first year of Tour de Pier, 12 years ago. He was friends with Rory (Kory’s wife) as their kids' math teacher, and they rode to raise money for research to fight glioblastoma (Kory's cancer). Every year, Scott would say to me, “Aim, you gotta’ join us.” I’d nod and smile, and he'd explain The Uncle Kory Foundation. 

But then in the year of cruel irony, Scott was diagnosed with the same damn cancer that took Kory's life. My brother was only 40 years old. Scott was strong and full of grace in his fight to live, but he passed within the year. We were all left devastated.

A few years later, we renamed our team Team Scott + Patty to rally for my girlfriend, Patty, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. She, thankfully, *is* one of those beautiful shiny statistics that BEAT IT. 

In that vein, I'm continuing the tradition to ride for our loved ones and friends so that they too will beat the *c* word. This year, I'm riding for Tatiana Mateus August. She is the wife of our childhood friend, whose parents are still dear friends of our family. She is too young to be fighting breast cancer, and I hope that the support from our community will elevate them all.

Who will you ride for? Ride with us on May 19th. It's a day that reminds me of Scott's generous spirit, his love for life and his precious community. Together we honor that spirit and can make a difference. Let's ride in place and move charity forward! 


Amy, Jeff, Jack, Calvin, Cecilia, and Team Scott

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