Join Us at UCLA to Support Pancreatic Cancer Research

LACC 2023

Team Esther

Team Esther it’s time for our third celebration at the LA Cancer Challenge!!! Grab your sneakers and get ready for another wonderful fun event to remember loved ones we have lost and to celebrate the victories of loved ones overcoming the challenges of pancreatic cancer one day at a time! This year I would love for us all to honor and include the names of loved ones each of us know affected by this horrible disease. I lost my own grandmother to pancreatic cancer 9 years ago (on the exact same day of year of my diagnosis) and I want to believe that we are carrying the baton forward together as a team in finding a cure.


Last year, I must say, our team had THE most fun.. and we were definitely the loudest of course. Thank you for the awesome 80’s outfits you all vibrantly displayed. This year, in honor of the zebra being the mascot for neuroendocrine tumor, I would like to announce our theme this year as your favorite animal.


Together as a rookie team, we raised over $66,000 last year, the second highest of all teams! (Competitive me tried so hard to beat Marvin’s Marvels) Our team alone supported 1.5 new grants for research!! THANK YOU a billions times over for your generous support and encouragement through my own personal journey and for extending our love as a team to thousands more who are also overcoming the obstacles of pancreatic cancer.


Through our generous donations we will continue to assist the Hirshberg Foundation in funding research and programs designed to improve patient care, offering better treatment options and, ultimately finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. My life is directly affected by current research as I’m actively waiting to kick this cancer down completely. The support I am receiving allows me to live with great hope for healing and recovery.


Together, we are making a significant difference in the battle against pancreatic cancer. I love you all! Let’s go Team Esther

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