10th Annual Tour de Pier is Sunday, May 22, 2022

Tour de Pier MB 2022

Cali2Montana Riders

On May 22, 2022, the Vachon Family will once again participate in the Tour de Pier event to raise money for cancer research.  As a family we have been touched in so many ways by the dreaded CANCER word.  

We lost our dear Nicole, Nick's mom, to brain cancer in 2016.  This loss is something we feel every single day.  Nicole was such a fierce light and she still shines bright with us.   Renee's mom is a survivor of breast cancer and her dad currently is dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  We feel a tremendous desire to continue to advocate for better treatments and ultimately a cure for these deadly diseases.  

We know there are many many ways you can give back, but if you are looking for a good cause, with good people running the mission, please consider the Tour de Pier.  Renee is one of the event producers and Nick spends time helping with the video productions for the event, Calvin has been fundraising since he was a little guy, and Coco will be riding this year at the beach.  We are all in!  

Thank you so much for considering!


The Vachon Family

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