25th Annual LA Cancer Challenge is Sunday, October 23, 2022

LACC 2022

Team Esther

Thank you Team Esther for all your support through all the ups and downs of my personal journey and now expanding our support to thousands more who are also overcoming the challenges of pancreatic cancer. I’m excited to celebrate the little and big victories we’ve experienced so far by getting our bodies moving on a daily and joining the 5K LA Cancer Challenge! Through our generous donations and this event, we will be helping the Hirshberg Foundation raise money to fund research and programs designed to improve patient care, offer better treatment options and, ultimately find a cure for pancreatic cancer. This Foundation has inspired me to give back in whatever way I can because I am personally benefiting from the research accomplished and the ongoing research allows people like me to live with great hope for healing and recovery. 

Please continue spreading the word about this wonderful foundation and contributions towards our team fundraising efforts today. Thank you for joining me in lacing up our sneakers and getting a little more movement everyday in preparation for a fun day of costumes, remembering those we have lost and celebrating the victories we’ve shared as a team.  Together, regardless of where we are, we can make a huge difference in the battle against pancreatic cancer. I love you all! ❤❤❤

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