Virtual Tour de Pier is Sunday, Sept 13, 2020

Tour de Pier 2020

Annie Frechtling  - fighting lung cancer
Annie Frechtling - fighting lung cancer

Whale's Tail

As most of you know, we participate in the Tour De Pier every year as a family. The Tour De Pier is a unique fundraising event, benefitting 3 cancer related foundations. We are getting ready for our 7th year of riding in place to move charity forward, with the goal to raise money to help eradicate cancer.

Sadly, yet again, a friend is currently fighting a big fight. This year we are riding in honor of Annie Frechtling to raise awareness for lung cancer research. Our friend Annie, who is the mother of 3 young boys, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a little over a year ago. She never smoked, lives in the Pacific Northwest where she walks a lot, she eats healthily, and she would be the last person we think of when talking about a lung cancer diagnosis. More and more young people are dying from lung cancer, and yet it it has less research funding than the next three cancer types combined.

In 2014, we started writing names of people we honor on our shirts. Some are current Fighters, others are Survivors, but sadly, there are those who have lost their battle with cancer. The list keeps growing year after year, and it needs to STOP!

We are boldly asking you once again for your contribution. Any amount is extremely appreciated!

If you live in or near Manhattan Beach, we encourage you to come take a look on Sunday May 17. It is such a special and uplifting event. There are hugs, there are tears, but there are many smiles, and we leave every year feeling incredibly inspired and re-energized. The Tour De pier is special to us because it is held in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, it is organized by local families, and it brings our community together in a way very few other events can.

With gratitude,

Mike, Patrice, Frédérique, Sophie, Lars

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