23rd Annual LA Cancer Challenge is Sunday, October 25, 2020

LA Cancer Challenge 2020

Heather & TEN and Families & Friends

Connie Ferris, Christine Ferris, Jayne Bradley Chagnon, Margaret Brower, Heather Stevens, Etta ("TEN") Mendenhall, Tom Hildebrand, Jenny Sweeting, Rachel Barron, Juanita Villar Cadorna, Lee Harris, Dee Quesada, Donna Cohen and Lisa Knight.  They were brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles – each related to a member of our team – and each of their lives was cut short by pancreatic cancer.

We are living through a surreal period with the COVID crisis, and I am not here to deflect attention away from it, but pancreatic cancer continues its steady climb and we have to continue to marshal our efforts and resources to battle it.  Pancreatic cancer numbers are up again this year and new cases have now nearly doubled (with deaths up more than 60%) in the 22 years we have been at this.  Only research will turn the needle on pancreatic cancer and the proceeds of this event are poured directly into pancreatic cancer seed grants.  We’ve funded 96 such seed grants since 2005 (last year’s recipients at http://pancreatic.org/research/seed-grant-program/seed-grant-recipients/) but we are still forced to turn away far more applicants than we can fund, all while pancreatic cancer continues its inexorable rise.

Because of COVID, this year’s LA Cancer Challenge will be a virtual event – you can walk or run at the pace and place of your choice, alone or with whomever you choose – but please join us and please support the cause.  As for me, I will go for a run on the Hermosa/Manhattan Beach greenbelt, with Connie, Chris, Jayne, Margaret, Tom, Jenny, Rachel, Juanita, Lee, Dee, Donna and Lisa front and center, and then I will spend time with Walter, a friend and team member who has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past five years.

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