The Inaugural Tour de Pier Seattle is Saturday, September 14, 2019

Tour de Pier Seattle 2019

Team DrewbyDoo

Team DrewbyDoo!

Our team will be riding in place to move charity forward at Seattle Tour de Pier! The Tour de Pier is bringing hundreds of stationary cycling bikes to Lake Union Park to fight cancer. Our team is raising funds to help the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, the Virginia Mason Cancer Institute and the Uncle Kory Foundation fund research and programs designed to improve patient care, offer better treatment options and, ultimately find a cure for cancer.

This is a cause near and dear to my heart and to my family. Very few if any of us, has not been affected by cancer's plight. My two grandmothers, two of the strongest women I could have ever hoped to know, were both lost to cancer. My Nana to pancreatic cancer and my Grandma Marmalade to breast cancer. I couldn't imagine that I would even be in the position to lead this team without the influcence they had in raising me so I am so proud to honor their legacy by riding in place to move charity forward. Anything, no matter how small that can be done to help lessen cancer's blow on us all is worth doing. And we know that we are stronger as a team so let's do this together!

Please consider contributing towards our efforts today. Or join us for an inspirational ride, remembering those we have lost and celebrating those who are currently battling this disease. Together we can make a huge difference so that no one faces cancer alone. Let's ride in place and move charity forward!

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