21st Annual LA Cancer Challenge at UCLA is Sunday, October 21, 2018

LA Cancer Challenge 2018

Hal's Pals

We are Hal's Pals, we are running for our dear friend Hal Isaacson, his wife Rebecca and their four children: Archer, Fable, Revi & Bo.

Hal's story: On Friday, June 19th, two days before his 44th birthday, Hal went to the ER with severe stomach pain. They did an ultrasound followed by a CT scan and found a 4cm mass on his pancreas as well as lesions on his liver. They diagnosed him with Pancreatic Cancer in the ER. 

Hal and Rebecca have since met with many amazing doctors. They are in GREAT hands. That said, the Cancer is Stage IV and pancreatic cancer does not currently have a cure. The medical team's goal is to shrink the tumors to allow Hal as much time as possible with his friends and family. This means he will be receiving chemo treatments every week indefinitely.

A message from Hal's wife Rebecca regarding his mega-stellar attitude during this tough time: "I do want to add that I have never been more in awe of a human being as I have with Hal Isaacson these past few days. He has been brave and open and vulnerable and loving AND INCREDIBLE and I am so proud to be his wife and SO GRATEFUL he is the father of our children. HE IS A LIGHT IN THIS WORLD. FOR REAL."

Please help us honor the amazing Hal and his family during this crazy tough time!

Please consider contributing towards my fundraising efforts today. Or if you'd like, you can join us for a day of costumes and fun, remembering those we have lost and celebrating those who are currently battling this disease. Together we can make a huge difference in the battle against pancreatic cancer.

Information about the event: The LACC helps the Hirshberg Foundation raise money to fund research and programs designed to improve patient care, offer better treatment options and, ultimately find a cure for pancreatic cancer. 

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