21st Annual LA Cancer Challenge at UCLA is Sunday, October 21, 2018

LA Cancer Challenge

Heather & TEN & Families & Friends

Our team name is "Heather & TEN & Families & Friends" in memory of loved ones we have lost... 


Connie Ferris-Franke died in 1998.

Jayne Bradley Chagnon died in 2000.

Christine Ferris died in 2001.

Margaret Brower died in 2005.

Heather Stevens died in 2006.

Etta (“TEN”) Mendenhall and her brother died in 2007.

Jenny Sweeting died in 2011.

Rachel Barron died in 2014.


Each of their lives was taken by pancreatic cancer.


Any cancer diagnosis is a devastating one but hundreds of thousands of people survive other, more prominent forms of cancer (breast, colon, prostate, leukemia, lymphoma, etc.) and they join ever-growing armies to advocate for funding for those diseases. Pancreatic cancer now claims more lives in the US than breast cancer does (and it's on the rise!) but it has no such army. I have thus made it my personal mission to be an army of one.


This is not a “charity” event hosted by a race director who donates a small percentage of the proceeds to a chosen charity. We are a pancreatic cancer foundation (the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research) putting on our own event for the 20th year in a row to fund pancreatic cancer research projects.  We have funded 11 such projects in each of the last two years but those 22 grant recipients were 22 of 120 applicants, each with innovative ideas on how to tackle pancreatic cancer, so just imagine the research that isn’t getting done.


This is not a race -- it's a mission and we need your help!  Please join us in the fight!

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