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The internet can be a good source of information on pancreatic cancer. Within minutes, you can get information on the latest pancreatic cancer research, find a clinical trial, locate a treatment facility or confirm that a surgeon is board certified. And every day, more information becomes available.

While the amount of information on pancreatic cancer over the Internet is a good thing, there is one important drawback the often unreliability of the information. Because anyone today can put together a website on pancreatic cancer, there is no guarantee that the information on any site is correct. So how can you be sure you’re getting the best information possible? Outside of a website referral from a trusted source, the best way to be sure that the content of a site is correct and up-to-date is to rely on a few well-known, trusted websites. These include federal government sites (such as The National Cancer Institute, large university sites and established health organization sites (such as The American Cancer Society Of course other websites can provide good information, but these trusted sites are often the best places to begin a search for information. Links to other web sites are provided to users of The Hirshberg Foundation Web site to aid users in obtaining related information. The Hirshberg Foundation does not endorse these links or their web sites nor does it endorse any other material provided as reference information for its users.

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The Hirshberg Foundation receives no compensation related to individual patient placement in any of the clinical trials which are listed on this site.

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Privacy Policy What type of information does The Hirshberg Foundation collect and how is the information used?

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